”A secret Slav” with an Irish accent…

”A secret Slav” with an Irish accent…

Why am I interested in the Russian language?

I have been interested in many aspects of Russian society, religion and culture, since 1975. Really, I am a “secret Slav” – with an Irish accent.

Have I ever been to Russia?

Yes. In 2008 I was able to visit Russia for the first time. I was on a work team, helping a Russian Christian charity convert an old log barn into a youth centre. It was a dream come true.

What prompted me to learn the Russian language?

I never thought about learning Russian, until I recently started reading the RUSSIA BEHIND THE HEADLINES web page. It revived my interest to follow all things Russian more closely. One story on that web page featured the Sochii Olympics. It stated that volunteers were needed to help there – but Russian would be required. A missed opportunity – but it got me thinking.

Why did I choose Irina, to learn Russian?

I chose Irina, over well-known academic institutions, because I didn’t know how good I would be at learning Russian. Also, I didn’t want to repeat childhood failures, falling behind in a class! So, I prefer one-on-one teaching. Irina is very patient with this school drop-out.

What do I want to do with my Russian (once I pluck up the courage to use it)?

I would like to translate some of my Russian themed poems into the Russian language. I would like to volunteer at The Hermitage Museum. I would like to work with any Russian Orthodox charity that could use me.

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