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Russian for Business

Language is a journey not a destination.

Russian Language Courses for Business

Currently Kalinka Russian Language School is hosting it's Russian language classes for adults only online (Skype or Zoom) due to the circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic. Please, contact us if any questions.

Our course Russian for Business is aimed at entrepreneurs and managers working or planning to do business with Russia, and interested in improving their communication skills in the Russian language.

Kalinka offers this progression based (step by step) Russian business course, embracing all relevant vocabulary and information necessary to do business with Russians in Russian. It is a course for adults (at all levels) from beginners to advanced.

You can master Business Russian with Kalinka’s intensive learning methods. Our goal is to enable you to develop the ability to communicate fluently in Russian by learning vocabulary, grammar, business skills, dialogues based on a real-life business situation.

To master business Russian you don’t need to have a large range of vocabulary. A limited number of words and expressions is usually enough for a focussed language use like finance, economics, sales, marketing or law - everything that could be described as ’’business’’.

Most of terms used in business Russian come from the English language. Russian business vocabulary is not difficult for comprehension, but it still requires your focused attention and a little time and of course accuracy for negotiating purposes thereafter.

Russian for Business (12 weeks, once a week, classes at Kalinka)

Price per hour Price per term
1hr - €35 (one to one tuition) €420
1hr - €25 (group class, no more than 5 students) €300

Russian for Business (12 weeks, once a week, classes at your location)

Price per hour Price per term
1 hr (60 min) class  - €50 (plus agreed travel expenses) €600
1.5hr (90 min) class  - €75 (plus agreed travel expenses) €900