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Group Programmes

Russian for Group Programmes

Currently Kalinka Russian Language School is hosting it's Russian language classes for adults only online (Skype or Zoom) due to the circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic. Please, contact us to arrange the course.

Kalinka group classes in Russian provides a means of dynamic learning and interaction for students who are focused on academic or business goals. Our school offers these group programmes for schools, colleges and corporate businesses in Dublin.

Our fully qualified and experienced teacher will come to your work location (school, college or company) to give these Russian classes.

We have also created a program to teach students in groups who are starting Russian from scratch. It introduces students to Russian sounds and Cyrillic script, and basic grammar. This program develops the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We also have other programmes (Intermediate; Advanced) for people who may have some level of Russian.


Group classes (at your location): Price per term
1hr (60 min) class €50 (plus agreed travel expenses) €500
1.5hr (90min) class €75 (plus agreed travel expenses) €750


Russian classes at Globeforce, Workhuman in Park West, Dublin

These are our two new students, Martin and Nicole, during their Russian class, at their workplace, ’’Workhuman Global’’ in Park West, Dublin.

Martin is a Senior Customer Service Executive and Nicole is a Customer Service Manager. Martin and Nicole studied Russian separately, a long time ago and after that, an interesting journey into the language began again here in Ireland for both of them, mainly for career reasons. Of course, they also now need good Russian for conversational reasons with other Russian speaking friends in Ireland.

Nicole has already been on a visit to Russia and she loved it.

Martin is also planning to visit Murmansk to see the Russian Navy there.

They are both focused on their language goals and have every intention to succeed. Already they are enjoying their classes. They are happy that Workhuman Global supports them in their professional growth. Any specialist with a knowledge of foreign languages will always be in demand in the new global Irish economy.

Martin also says that he is a big fan of Russian ice hockey and this is a further motivation for his studies, whereas Nicole says she is the best Napoleon cake maker in Dublin. It shows her lively social personality which is an added advantage for her wider communication, as well as language studies.

Russian classes at Kerry Group in Naas, Ireland


Alexander represents Research and Development ( R&D ) for KERRY group in Russia. He is a Development Technologist for meat functional ingredients for the Russian market. Alexander is studying the Russian language to have better communication with Russian colleagues and clients for a successful business.

Russian classes at Abbot Mature Products, Pharmaceutical Company in Santry, Dublin

The Russian language class with our student Lydia, Quality Manager Global Audit and Compliance – Abbott Pharmaceutical Division

Lydia studying the Russian language to enable better communication with Russian QA colleagues. Responsible for managing quality audit program of suppliers and Contract manufacturers worldwide. Involved in Compliance initiatives, including local compliance initiatives with Abbott production facilities in Russia.

The Russian Language Class at Ballsbridge College, Dublin


The Russian language class with my new students at Ballsbridge College. I am so lucky having all these wonderful people in the class. They are Irish, Spanish and Italians. Students are full of curiosity and desire to learn the Russian language and speak well and they are interested in Russian culture and traditions so much. Let's wish them good luck!



The Russian Language Class at Rathmines College, Dublin


People who love to learn don’t depend only on classrooms or professors. They seek answers for every question, their minds are always clouded with ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Russian language class at Rathmines College (Improvers group). Every time this lovely group of students surprises me with interesting questions about the Russian language and it’s history.