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In 2016, Kalinka Russian Language Club was opened in Dublin, as an addition to the Kalinka Russian Language School. The opening of the club took place at the Grand Canal Hotel, Grand Canal Street Upper, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Kalinka Russian Club brings together all students of the Kalinka School, which is located in the centre of Dublin on Pearse Street and is open to students from other schools and colleges who study Russian in Dublin and who want to improve their language skills and learn more about Russian culture and traditions.

We always welcome interested guests! At Kalinka Russian Club students of different ages, backgrounds and different nationalities have a great opportunity to meet and have fun chatting in Russian in a relaxed atmosphere. Our Russian Club has ambitious cultural plans for students and club members. All participants will be able to experience a little bit of Russia, learning more about its culture and arts, about Russian history and literature, traditions and customs.

We hope that everyone who joins in finds the Kalinka Club, not only a stimulating social experience, a help towards learning about Russia, but also a great leap forward in their Russian language skills! There is always a friendly and cordial atmosphere in exploring all things Irish, European and Russian in the spirit of cooperation on the language journey.

Life and creative works of Leo Tolstoy

Dear friends, on the 22-nd of April we had our third Russian Language Club meeting in the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin. I am so grateful to everyone who attended the Club. There were so many of you. Thank you so much! This time we had lots of Irish students, there were also students from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Great Britain and New Zealand. I regret that some of my great students from Ireland, Spain and Japan couldn’t make the meeting.

Every time I try to make the Club interesting, informative and enjoyable for all the students and people who is interested in the Russian language and Russian culture and history.

So, it took lots of time to prepare all the necessary materials, videos, photos and music.

This time we spoke about one of the greatest Russian writers Leo Tolstoy, his biography and creative works, and also about Saint-Petersburg, the Northern Russian capital.

The presentation about Leo Tolstoy went very well, in my opinion, and everybody showed big interest in Leo Tolstoy’s biography. He had a really astonishing life, which was full of contradictions, seeking of the essence of being. The main ideas of his novels are: the victory of good over evil and non-resistance to evil by violence… The most romantic moment in the presentation was a short video from the Russian movie ‘’War and Peace’’ by Sergei Bondarchuk - the first dance of Natasha Rostova at the ball.


Students found out that Leo Tolstoy wrote not only such big and great novels like ’’War and Peace’’, ’’Anna Karenina’’, ’’ Resurrection’’, ‘’The Death of Ivan Ilyich’’ but he also wrote a lot of stories for children and these his short stories were very loved by kids, in which Leo Tolstoy as a teacher in his own established school, taught children the wisdom of life.

Students had a chance to read several short Tolstoy’s stories for children in Russian and these stories made all of us to smile.

After all everybody enjoyed  ‘’The Quiz’’ about Tolstoy’s life and students could check their knowledge about the writer and his creative works.

Then we talked about Saint-Petersburg. We remembered the history of the City, we watched video- film about Saint-Petersburg’s most beautiful attractions. I was so surprised that so many students have already visited this wonderful, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So, they shared their impressions and observations in Russian and English languages and that was a good practice.

We sang a beautiful song about saint-Petersburg all together and it was so good, there was a cordial and unforgettable atmosphere of friendship. Everybody got closer to the Russian culture and opened a little bit the curtain to the world of Leo Tolstoy and at the same time  to the Russian world.

After all students enjoyed their time chatting to each other, laughing, having a cup of tea and sweet treats, discussing future plans for The Club.




Russian Club Events

  1. Growing up in the Soviet Union. (May, 2019)
  2. Anna Akhmatova - Life and Poetry (1889 - 1966) (October, 2019)
  3. Christmas celebration. (December, 2019)

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