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Our new group

Just recently Kalinka Russian Language School formed a new beginners group (General Russian programme). There are two Italians, Alessio and Michelangelo and one Irish girl, Livia, in the group.

Livia wants to travel on the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia and would also love to experience the City of Moscow. For this adventure she wants to learn the Russian language. She knows it is a big challenge and Livia likes to take on challenges with the purpose. She like to get out of her comfort zone, she says. Livia has already visited the Ukraine and Bulgaria and Russia is next on her list.

Michelangelo is from Florence in Italy. He has already been to Riga, capital of Latvia, to celebrate his Russian speaking friends’ wedding. His plan now is to study Russian so that he can return to Florence and work as a tour guide in that wonderful city of art and architecture, using his Russian skills.

Alessio is from Rome and he is a fan of Russian culture. He has many Russian speaking friends  but has yet to visit Russia itself, but when he does he wants to be able to speak the language. Alessio says that he also needs Russian for his professional career in IT.

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