Kelli is a new student at Kalinka language school. She likes the challenge of studying languages in general.  She is fascinated also, with the non latin Cyrillic alphabet of Russian. This of course presents a special challenge for Kelli.

 First she started to study the russian on her phone, on the app Duolingo and she really enjoyed it. This motivated her to pursue a Russian group course at the Ballsbridge College of Further Education and she now continues her studies at the Kalinka Russian Language School on Pearse Street in Dublin.

Kelli says she really enjoys her classes at Kalinka but wishes she had more time for homework study, but sometimes her work doesn’t allow her to do so.

Kelli is from Brazil and she likes reading. She is a professional English – Portuguese translator. She also wants to read books about Russia in Russian. To do that she needs to achieve a good level in the language. Also she has a plan to visit Russia to learn about the country and it’s culture.

We all laughed and enjoyed Kelli’s story of her visit to Moscow, in her dream.  She laughed too because she has not been to Moscow yet, but after her dream she definitely plans to go there.

In her dream, she says she saw the Moscow of old churches, beautiful squares and parks. When she went into one of these old Moscow churches (in her dream) she was in the middle of a beautiful live concert of classical music. The she woke up and didn’t want her dream to end.

Now, Kelli is determined to make her dream of Moscow a reality. 

She wants to feel comfortable and at ease when she is travelling in Russia with a good level of spoken Russian. Kelli will not then be travelling as a passive stranger or just a tourist. With a good grasp of the language she will be able to act on her Russian curiosity with confidence. Using the language as a first hand guide wherever she goes. That is a freedom on her journey worth achieving.

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