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Junior Programmes

Russian for all children (Junior Programmes)

Kalinka Russian Language School’s Junior Programmes

At present during the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions Kalinka Russian Language School is not in a position to provide Russian classes for children under 14 years of age. All Kalinka Russian language classes take place online (Skype / Zoom) only for adults and teenagers. Unfortunately we are not in a position to teach Russian classes to children face to face.

Kalinka Russian Language School’s Junior Programmes are run every school year for children of all different ages. These classes are conducted in a relaxed friendly atmosphere so as to make sure that even the youngest of our students are always happy and curious about the Russian language.

Our experienced teacher uses the very latest methods and techniques in teaching the Russian language to all children of different ages and levels. She also uses a wide range of different visual aids and books to make the classes interesting and fun.

Children can learn the Russian language on a one to one basis or in small groups at our school. All teaching levels are available. We can create an individual plan for whatever is the agreed appropriate level for the student.

Usually classes are held at 21 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 , once a week, at the most convenient time for the child, or group of children.

The appropriate class prices are below. Please make your enquiry accordingly.



Price per hour Price per term
1 hr - €30 (one to one tuition) €300 (one to one tuition)
1 hr - €20 (group class, no more than 5 students) €200 (group class, no more than 5 students)


Russian language classes with Vanya and Arthur 


Vanya and Arthur have been studying the Russian language for three years. We started learning it from letters and sounds. We went through a hard but enjoyable working time to learn how to read and write and how to speak well. Thank you to the boys' parents who are very cooperative and helpful. We worked all together and we've got good results. The journey to the Russian language continues and the boys improve with every class.