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Enjoyable voyage of discovery of the Russian language and culture.

I have long held a deep love and affection for Russian music, literature and drama and had always hoped to study Russian.  As the years went by I thought it would be more and more difficult to undertake, but I finally took the plunge about 8 months ago and started one-to-one classes with Irina in the Kalinka Language School.  It was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. While the grammar and vocabulary are a challenge, the rewards are great and immediate. While it is still early days in my Russian language journey, it is such a pleasure to make steady and tangible progress with each class.  Irina is a patient and thoughtful teacher and guide, and we have many laughs. Irina manages to achieve a wonderful balance between the serious business of learning and the enjoyable voyage of discovery of a new language and different culture. She teaches far more than the language; she highlights the country, its rich heritage and the people.  To that end, the Russian Language Club is a welcome opportunity to meet friends and fellow students and as I am currently studying on my own, I find it particularly rewarding to meet the wide variety of kindred spirits at the regular club events. The school has a very convenient central city location and my hour’s class each week with Irina is the highlight of my week.  I am so pleased that I made the decision to learn with Kalinka Language School.

Brian Prunty

Civil Servant, Dublin

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