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A2 group students at Kalinka

Here is a typical Kalinka Russian language class in Dublin with an A2 group of students. The students spoke a lot during the class and were very active in creating role play dialogues so as to develop their ability to speak Russian.

The 6 students are from Ireland, Hungary and Poland and they find the classes enjoyable.

Left to right, Tim and John started studying Russian some time ago in Rathmines College, after that they transferred to Kalinka. Anna, from Hungary, she studies Russian in Dublin for her work and joined Kalinka in 2020. Next is Des who found about Kalinka school online and has been with us for about 2 years. Mateuzs , from Poland and works for Google in Dublin and needs Russian for his career and he also joined Kalinka this year. Gabriella, from Dublin also began her Russian language classes with Tim and John in Rathmines College and now continues her russian studies succsessfully with Kalinka.

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